Magic Reindeer Food - The fastest way to get Santa to your house

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Magical Reindeer Food is the fastest way to get Santa to your house. If Santa's reindeer come within 100 miles (yes, 100 miles) of your home, they will smell our Magical Reindeer Food and come immediately to your home, bringing Santa and his sleigh to deliver your presents!

Here's How The Magic Works:
Right before going to bed on Christmas Eve, sprinkle our Magical Reindeer Food all across your yard - anywhere in the yard will work. Make sure you don't pile it all in one spot though, because the more you sprinkle it around, the more the magic is working.
As soon as you're done, you have to go right to bed as fast as you can, because if Santa comes and you aren't asleep, he may not come back!

Our Magical Reindeer Food is a fun and unique way to get children asleep on Christmas Eve.

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